Gersh's "American Beat" column debuted in January, 2001 and quickly captured the hearts and minds of all America. Click below to read these prior columns.
Gersh makes his debut driving across this great country of ours
What does George W. do all day?
Mad Cow got you down? Let loose -- have a steak!
Is Bill Clinton giving his dog Buddy an ulcer?
A man sues a hospital for circumcising him!
Why are there so few bald men in Congress?
Spend all day at a Starbucks -- and spend nothing!
Gersh audits Prof. Al Gore's class at Columbia U..
Gersh translates Alan Greenspan from the original gibberish
U.S. vs. Russia: Cold War or Battle of the Losers?
Making a Clean Sweep of the Ku Klux Klan
U.S. vs. China in a poetic war of words
Gersh, a failed novelist, takes exception to the Navy's new ad campaign
Hot dog! We're in a recession!
SUV drivers demand cheaper gas; Gersh says, "Shut up, Vampires!"
Seinfeld's wacko neighbor runs for mayor!
The world hates us. They really hate us.
Gersh joins the anti-SUV movement (such as it is)
Does golf tire you out? Gersh goes on a fact-finding tour.
Can "Pearl Harbor" be a pro-Japan film? In Disney's hands, yes.
Into the heart of suburban angst: Little League baseball
Is it the car chases, the overpriced Goobers or the air-conditioning? Why Americans see such lame movies
News flash: Disney agrees to stop spreading pubic lice!
The rocker and the alter kocker: Jesse Helms and Bono are in love!
A new hot dog champion is crowned in Coney Island
Life throws you lemons? Make hot sauce!
North Dakota debates the demise of its adjective
Bill Clinton moves to Harlem -- and the neighborhood is ready
Al Gore grows a beard. Who knows why.
Understand the stem cell debate thanks to an  interview with the 1/2000th-of-a-year-old man
President Bush goes on vacation. How can you tell?
"Who Wants to Be Miss America?" A boring contest retools.
America wages a war against Cuba -- again!
Tony Soprano gets whacked in Chicago
So, who wants to sponsor Gersh's novel?
Brooklyn cries on a date that will live in infamy
Blindsided by the BBC's lack of sympathy for "The Devil"
Philippe Petit says build it and he will come
Terrorism in New York has even the criminals depressed
Can you be patriotic and criticize the Prez at the same time?
U.S. drops food on Afghans. Yes, but how does it taste?
Drink three martinis, help the nation!
Osama wants you to root for the Yanks. Don't give in!
The Amazing Kreskin does not live up to his adjective
Whew! It was only a plane crash. What a relief!
New York's new mayor sounds like he's from Boston
Four million for a blurry photo? Gersh invests in modrn art
It's movie night in Kabul!
Your razor is about to go...TURBO!
Is Gary Condit on crack or just mentally ill?
Gersh takes the SAT. Still can't get into Harvard
What Would Jesus -- Or Jesus Ayala -- Do With Osama?.
What to expect in the new year