Gersh's "American Beat" column debuted in January, 2001 and quickly captured the hearts and minds of all America. Click below to read columns from 2002 or click HERE for all columns from 2001.
The column of laughter and forgetting
The coming war over WTC memorials
Yves St. Laurent retires!
Kmart goes bankrupt. How is that possible in America?
A media puppet show at the World Economic Forum
Giuliani's integrity just so much "Collateral Damage"
Olympic Special!
A rock caught in a hard place
Al Goldstein, smutmonger, should plead the Fifth instead of the First
Can anyone run for office in California?
Gersh Kuntzman is moving to Bermuda!
Rapping and wrapping with Christo
Is it just me, or do the Oscars make you sick?
Gersh tries to stop worrying and just love SUVs
A powerful story of redemption from an apple juice addict
Is the mayor of New York City still a stoner?
Found! The greatest Asteroids player ever!
Amtrak is getting railroaded -- again.
A visit to Auschwitz converts this American Jew
Smokers are no longer master of even their own domains
Get a taste of Quorn, the new fugus in town
Gersh catches Reunion Special fever
A fitting ceremony at the World Trade Center
The real victims of Penthouse's Pournikova affair
Ralph Nader finally found an issue: Basketball is fixed!
Our columnist pays his "respects" to John Gotti
Is castration becoming all the rage in Detroit?
Britney Spears: Not yet a woman, not yet a restaurateur
The greatest eater in history goes one -- well, one-half -- better
As American as red, white and blue popcorn
Hey, Mayor Bloomberg: Kiss my glass!
Does anyone really know what makes the Dow rise and fall?
One final humiliation for James Traficant: He goes topless
New York tries to take the Oscars from L.A.
Gersh goes wireless -- and gets a great offer from Ghana!
Our fearless leaders grow fearful about 9-11-02
An Olympic battle: Sodom on the Hudson vs. Baghdad by the Bay
The List fills the void at Ground Zero
Gersh test-drives an SUV for Newsweek International
Gersh joins Operation Tips and spys on his friends!
Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. Really.
Another bald man loses at the polls. A coincidence? I think not.
Why $6,000 isn't much for a shower curtain.
Separating Mallomar myths from Mallomar reality
Go ahead, have another cup of coffee. It's OK to be an addict!
Gersh teaches Europe about Starbucks (for Newsweek Int'l)
Gersh learns a lesson from Saddam's stunning 100 victory
Gersh learns a lesson from Saddam's stunning 100 victory
Who says people don't write love songs to cars anymore?
An Election Night column from America's most-trusted pundit
A man sentenced to death: No TV for 10 months.
Not even Berkeley goes nuts for coffee bean ban.
So who really invented the telephone? The debate rages.
Anti-SUV priest asks the big question: What Would Jesus Drive?
A new diet fad sweeps America. Or, at least, a town in Washington
Americans using the legal system to confront their own stupidity
Holiday shopping as a patriotic call (for Newsweek International)
New York takes another crack at restoring Ground Zero
What city has the best Christmas tree?
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